About This Site

I started this site to collect links to the reviews I published in various periodicals. I used to review poetry books for places like Event and Poetry Canada Review in the 1980s. Then that part of my writing self went dormant as I became an elementary school teacher. In that job it was difficult enough to find and spare time to devote to my  writing.

Since I retired in 2016 I’ve revived the part of myself that is a book reviewer. I have been sending my reviews out to be published on a variety of sites. Some have been published on John Oughton’s blog, some on the Lambton Shield news site, and others in the Pacific Rim Review of Books. That variety of sites means that it might be difficult for people to find them. The solution? I’ve decided that links to the book reviews I write will be collected here, on my blog.

I want to announce that I am open to receiving and reviewing books directly from authors or publishers, magazines or quarterlies, or literally any sites dedicated to reviewing. I am happy to arrange to review for periodicals or I will post the reviews here on my blog.

Contact me . I will reply with an address to send the books to. My timeline for reviewing is unpredictable (it may take a month or two), but often it is very quick (within a few weeks). I always make an effort to provide a balanced review, pointing out both the weaknesses and the strengths in any book that I read.

sharon @ sharonberg . com



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